Becky O’donnell Dateline

Becky O’Donnell and Her Dateline

Having seen O’Donnell’s recent interview with CBS, you may be wondering how she has been able to maintain a pristine dateline, even though she’s been arrested twice for the same crime. Many of her fans accuse her of lying about her dates, which is not surprising. We have some interesting details about O’Donnell’s latest scandal. Read on for more.

Earlier this year, O’Donnell pleaded no contest to soliciting capital murder in Jackson County, Kentucky. O’Donnell allegedly tried to hire fellow prisoners to kill Phil Smith, Collins’ ex-husband. She also wrote a suicide note to frame Smith for the crime. The FBI was able confirm that O’Donnell actually wrote the note. Her sentencing was delayed to May so her appearance on the dateline has to wait.

O’Donnell’s history is fascinating to many, but she is best known for her appearance on Dateline NBC. The series, which documents true crime, has been around for years. She was a close friend and aide of Linda Collins, the political leader. Although she is currently on probation for the murder conviction of her former roommate it is still public record.

The O’Donnell murder case was one of the most controversial cases in recent memory. In April 2006, O’Donnell was arrested and charged with murdering Phil Smith and a former employee of a hotel. O’Donnell, who was in prison, claimed that she hired someone to help her commit suicide at the hotel where she was staying. Shana Landrum was O’Donnell’s new roommate. She told them not to talk to investigators and that she wanted to kill her former partner so she could get out of all the charges against. The FBI also uncovered O’Donnell’s handwriting as part of a larger plot to frame her husband.

The case was sealed for a long time by the initial judge. Her fiance Tim Loggains has defended her innocence after Collins-Smith’s death. He is not involved in the murder trial, but he has assisted her with her finances. He also served as Collins’ power of attorney. He was also responsible for depositing her $450,000 tax refund cheque, which became a point of contention during the O’Donnell divorce.

After a convicted conviction, O’Donnell was sentenced to fifty years in prison. A plea bargain resulted in her first-degree murder conviction. Collins was stabbed to death by her on the evening of June 4, 2019. She was sentenced to a life sentence. However, her conviction was later reduced to a lesser sentence. The jury, however, is still not final. The verdict can still be appealed.

Collins’ children sued the State Police and Randolph County sheriff’s office after learning that O’Donnell had been charged with the crime. In September, O’Donnell’s ex-husband, Philip Smith, and Collins’ children sued the sheriff’s office for the investigation. They claimed that O’Donnell had sold gold and silver coins worth $15,110 in three separate transactions.

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