Bella Swan New Moon Dress

Bella Swan New Moon Dress

This vintage Bella Swan dress is perfect for fans of the movie “New Moon”. This stunning piece is in excellent condition and comes from a smoke-free home. The dress is a juniors size large, which is equivalent to a woman’s size 7 in the US and a UK size 10-12.

This dress is a copy of the one Bella wore to her birthday dinner in “New Moon”, the second Twilight movie. It features an olive-green-to-purple iridescent shift A-line dress with black scalloped trim and embroidered black roses on the bodice. The dress is a close match to the one worn by Bella in the second Twilight movie, when Edward finally realizes that she’s safe from Jasper.

Bella doesn’t care much about her appearance at the beginning of “Twilight,” but she starts to care more about it as Edward gets closer to her. She can be seen listening to Edward through the branch of the tree outside her windows during “Midnight Sun,” and Edward had planned to take her to the meadow for the first movie.

Bella Swan is the daughter of Charlie Swan and Elizabeth Masen, daughter-in-law of Phil Dwyer, and adopted daughter of Phil Dwyer and Esme Cullen. She is also the sister-in-law of Emmett Cullen and Alice Cullen.

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