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90 Days to Freedom’s Mahogany Roca and Ben Rathbun Revealed

Mahogany Roca and Ben Rathbun have finally met in person. The two have spent the past few months chatting on the social networking website. It seems that the two are very different in person compared to their online chats and DMs. Mahogany asks Ben about his previous relationships and the circumstances that led to their split. Here’s what we know about this couple. What’s their true age difference?

When Ben and Mahogany first met, they dated for a year and a half. Mahogany wasn’t present when Ben picked her up at the airport, and they stopped answering his texts. When Ben did finally see her in person, she looked very different than she did on the pictures. Mahogany was far less affectionate in real life. During one of their dates, Ben asked Mahogany to meet her parents, who were living in Peru.

When Ben and Mahogany first met, Ben was confused about their ages. Mahogany told Ben that she lived with her parents, but he knew she was only twenty-four, a year younger than he claimed she was. Mahogany also lied about her age. Ben was extremely surprised and started to doubt his abilities. In addition, the two men were never the same. This was the reason why they didn’t become more serious about their relationship.

Mahogany’s past has been a secret for many fans of 90 Day Fiance. During the show’s fifth season, Ben and Mahogany made their official debut. Mahogany, a divorced father of four from Fraser, Michigan, met Ben through a social networking website. Ben remained suspicious because his friends and family kept telling him that she was a fake. They were together for three months, but were suspicious of each other and were worried that she was a catfish.

The relationship was troubled from the start. Mahogany left Ben stranded in Huacachina, Peru, despite Ben’s best efforts to keep the relationship alive. However, Mahogany didn’t give up. In the following days, Ben arranged to meet Mahogany’s parents in San Bartolo. Mahogany waited for over an hour at the restaurant, but finally showed up.

Fans of 90 Days to Freedom were shocked to discover the truth about Ben and Mahogany’s romance. Ben had to go out of his way to avoid revealing his personal information to the cameras, which raised a lot of red flags. Then, Ben tried to meet Mahogany by video chat. During the Tell-All, Ben confronted him on the show, and he revealed that the real Mahogany was a different person from her online profile. She lied about her age and even claimed to have a house in Peru, which led to suspicions.

Mahogany and Ben dated on the show for a year, but it didn’t last, as they were separated after the season finale. Mahogany also didn’t want to get married, and Ben said that the relationship was only superficial and not real. However, after their reunion, Ben confessed that he did return to Peru and proposed to her. The show ended abruptly, however, after Ben’s confession to her.

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