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Benjamin Mascolo and His Wife Bella Thorne Are Engaged!

Bella Mason, a 27-year-old assistant editor at Seventeen magazine, and Benjamin Mascolo are officially engaged! They went public with their relationship in March, sharing several images of their engagement, including a lit-up sign that says “MARRY ME,” and an oversized floral arrangement that says “B+B.” Ben also revealed his ring, which has a diamond-studded setting.

In February 2022, the Hollywood couple was spotted in Italy together. While they had been engaged for over a year, the two had reportedly broken off their engagement and were living separately. However, Benjamin Mascolo told the Daily Mail that they were still planning a wedding, despite their separation. This news has left many fans wondering if they’re still engaged. In any event, their relationship with Bella Thorne is no longer a secret.

The couple recently co-starred in a romantic comedy called Time Is Up. Mascolo also starred in the film, which is set in Italy, where he met Thorne. The couple were also photographed attending a film festival in Rome, where Mascolo made his directorial debut. In an interview, Mascolo opened up about working with his romantic partner. It was difficult to make the movie, but the actresses were supportive.

Christine Mascolo is a native of the Mile-High City of Denver, Colorado. She is the daughter of a Federal contractor and a high-school mathematics teacher. Christine Mascolo’s ancestors hail from Italian, Filipino, and Scotch-Irish families. Benjamin Mascolo has one elder brother. Their net worth is estimated at $1 million. In 2017, Mascolo is the second highest-paid actor in the country.

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