Best Deck For Arena 10

Best Deck for Arena 10

The best deck for Arena 10 is one that focuses on countering the enemies’ abilities. This deck provides a lot of defense and a tank to keep your Ram alive. It also features four annoying cards: Baby Dragon, Rocket, Firecracker, and Barbarian Hut. These cards rely on the annoyance factor to make a winning combination. The deck is also built around the long-range splash, the Princess. This card can be very useful against spawners.

The Skeleton Giant is a great support for this deck. It has two special abilities that can help eliminate enemy towers. You can also use it as a defensive card by combining it with the Witch. This deck is extremely powerful in Arena 10, especially for the Hog Mountain challenge.

You can use a Golem or Executioner to be more aggressive. These cards are great for pushing and tagging, but they can also be used to support your troops. You can also use defensive cards such as Baby Dragon and Skeleton Army to help your team out. To cause additional damage to your opponents, you can also use the Log or Fireball. However, the best deck for Arena 10 without legendary cards is Skeleton Giant. It contains several powerful creatures, a Golem, and a Witch.

Another good deck for Arena 10 is the Hog Rider deck. This deck is low on Elixir and has good defense and attack. This deck also has the added bonus of a Hog Rider as its win condition. You should also consider the cost of elixir and the number you have of defensive building cards. These cards will help you make the most of your precious elixir.

Arena 10 is a difficult game. The best deck will be able to take you there. You can also make use of the newer cards available, including the Lava Hound and the tanky Ram Rider. These cards can help get you to the Electro Valley and unlock top-tier cards.

Arena 10 is the first step towards legendary Arena 11 and 4,000 trophies. The Cannon deck is a great deck, but it is worth looking into if you are looking for the best deck to play Arena 10. Its cost and attack power make it a viable option. It can also be used as a funnel to dislodge enemies troops.

Another popular deck is the Mono-White Aggro deck. This deck has been around for a while in Standard format and is still one of the most popular decks for Arena 10. The decks are aggressive and low-cost and can clock opponents quickly unless they remove all of their creatures.

The Mono-white aggro card deck inspired the Boros (red/white). This deck uses a combination of powerful low-cost creatures with interaction and removal spells. It also includes powerful creatures that can destroy the opponent’s life points. Early game plays can include Kumano Faces Kakkazan, Play with Fire, and Roil Eruption. A Royal giant can also be included in the deck.

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