Best Deck For Pekkas Playhouse

Arena 4 Legendary Decks – The Best Deck For Pekkas Playhouse

Arena 4 is a new card game that introduces legendary cards. While there are many great new cards in this game, it’s important not to get too enamored with the latest legendary cards. It’s better to level up your current deck to maximize its potential. The Legendary card miner is one deck you should try.

This deck has a great amount of damage, which is a must for playing Arena 4. It can also be used as a tank and it can deal a lot of damage to troops and towers. When choosing a tank card, you should go for a powerful card, such as a goblin barrel. This card is very powerful and is very effective when used with a giant.

Tank decks are useful for pushing through enemy defenses. To deal damage, you can add a Giant or Barbarian to the tank deck. You can also use a Witch to summon skeletons on the field. This type of deck also has powerful defensive units that can counter a powerful opponent.

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