Best Deck For Royal Tournament

Best Deck For Royal Tournament

There are many different ways to win at the Royal Tournament. To overwhelm your opponent, you could try a deck that uses Elixir. This deck has high DPS and is very aggressive, making it perfect for this type of tournament. Alternatively, you can use the Zap deck to help you support your high DPS cards. The Royal Tournament also allows you to use other great decks, such as the Ice Golem deck that acts as a mini tank and the Barbarian Barrel deck that attacks towers directly.

Any player can participate in the Royal Tournament. Moreover, winning this tournament can bring a player a lot of rewards. So, it’s a good idea to use the right deck to maximize your chances of winning. But, it is important to remember that the best deck for this tourney depends on your playing style and strategy.

As for the most effective units, a Mega Knight is an essential unit. This unit can not only counterattack your opponent’s troops but can also protect you against air defense. The Flying Machine can also be used as a surprise unit. These units can be used to give you a lot more power and defense when you have a deck.

While a Tesla deck has a lot of power in defense, it’s susceptible to air swarms. However, you can play Ice Spirit and X-Bow as powerful counters. Those two cards can also be helpful in removing towers, so make sure to use them at the right time. Remember that you should also avoid fireball swarms and pumps, as these can cause trouble for your deck.

Spells are another important aspect to consider. A deck with three spells gives the player more control over the battle. It also contains one spell that deals high damage and one spell that is versatile enough to fulfill a variety other needs. There are also two spells that can deal damage directly.

Regardless of the type of deck you use, you should practice with the meta deck to get better at it. Playing the same deck over again will allow you to learn its weaknesses and fix your mistakes. In addition to this, it will improve your overall playstyle. Changing your deck too often can lose you trophies. You will need to practice with a deck in order to master it.

The Rocket/Fireball deck is a good choice for a royal tournament. These two cards are versatile and can be used for many game modes. You can use them as a deep defense, or you can use them to attack. This deck is also quite strong against split lane counter-pushes.

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