Best Draft Position Fantasy Football 12-team

Best Draft Position for a 12-Team Fantasy Football Draft

Depending on the position, you may have to adjust your strategy to make it work. Wide receiver, for instance, is a low-scoring position that has a high supply. If your starting quarterback is hurt, the running back position could be a solid choice.

Although fantasy football players will choose a runningback early in the draft (mostly), there are some things you should consider when selecting a runningback. First, draft a runningback if you have the budget. If you’re drafting for the RB position, you should consider a running back who can improve your fantasy offense in multiple ways.

Another thing to consider is whether you can get a starter early. It is worth taking quarterbacks early in the draft. On average, fantasy football teams will have 0.33 quarterbacks or 0.42 tight ends. Even if you don’t take a quarterback in the first round, you’ll get value throughout the draft. On the other hand, tight ends don’t typically provide good flex value and are often not valuable trade pieces.

Depending on your draft position, you may be able to get a tight end in the second or third round, but if you don’t, you might be stuck trying to figure out which tight end to take. This is not an easy task. Travis Kelce should not be selected in the first round or in the second round. No longer sharing targets with Tyreek Hill, he will have a committee of wide receivers surrounding him. Travis Kelce could be primed for a breakout year in 2022.

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