Best Electric Humidor For Cigars

The Best Electric Humidor For Cigars

An electronic cigar humidor is a good option for people who are pressed for space and want to preserve their cigars at the ideal humidity and temperature. It features two shelves and a drawer to store up to 250 cigars and is equipped with an easy-to-read hygrometer. The humidification system works by circulating air throughout the humidor to maintain a uniform humidity level for each cigar.

The best electric humidor for cigars comes with a temperature control that allows it to stabilize humidity levels and temperature. The temperature inside the plug-in humidor is easily adjustable from 54-74 degrees Fahrenheit, giving you plenty of flexibility to store different types of cigars. The temperature control in an electric humidor will keep the climate inside the cabinet comfortable regardless of the external environment.

Another electric humidor that will maintain your cigars at an ideal humidity is the Whynter electric humidor. The humidor also has a heater built in that regulates the humidity and controls the temperature. This humidor will also include an analogue hygrometer that will help you determine the humidity level.

While electric humidors can be a great way to preserve your cigars, there are a few drawbacks. They are generally more expensive than wooden humidors. These are especially true for those with a large storage capacity, automatic temperature control, or digital display.

An electronic humidor is a good choice if you are not a beginner in cigar-keeping. It will allow you to store up to 300 cigars without having to worry about humidity or temperature fluctuations. It also features a removable shelf and a large LED temperature display. It can be set between 54 and 74 degrees Fahrenheit.

The Handmade Cigar Humidor Cabinet is another option. This humidor is made of high-quality wood and has a sleek design. It can hold 48 cigars on one layer and up to 100 with the second layer. It includes 3 cedar trays that are perfect for storing your cigar collection. The humidor also has a digital hygrometer.

Although electric humidifiers are expensive, they don’t always have precise humidity control. You can purchase a humidity sensor to help ensure the right humidity level. However, the drawback of an electric humidifier is that it depends on electricity, which can be an issue if the power goes out.

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