Best Retribution Paladin Legendary

Best Retribution Paladin Legendary

Retribution Paladin legendary gear is an important part of playing the class. Your Retribution Paladin’s performance will be dramatically improved by using the most powerful legendary gear. Legendary powers can be customized through the Runecarving program. They can also be imbued in specific base items. This list will help you select the right legendary power to use with your Retribution Paladin.

Reign of Endless Kings is the best Retribution Paladin legend. This legendary works well for both types of paladins, and is the best defensive legendary you can equip. It provides survivability and reduces the cooldown of your defensive abilities. You can also equip Uther’s Devotion to improve your survivability.

Another good Retribution paladin legendary is Divine Resonance. It is identical to the previous one but can be obtained from Covenant Sanctum’s Great Vault. If you want to be able to heal your entire team in raids without losing your rotation, this is the Legendary for you.

In addition to this legendary, a Retribution Paladin can also use Soul Binds, conduits, and silver hand artifacts as transmog. They also gain the hammer of wrath, which is a rare and powerful item in World of Warcraft.

A Retribution Paladin is one of the best specs in the World of Warcraft Shadowlands, and you should prioritize DPS stats and a leveling spec over other traits. It is also a good choice to raid mythic dungeons.

The best Retribution Paladin legendary depends on your role and your stat distribution. Some of the best gear for Retribution Paladins is based on a specific niche: two-target cleaving. Divine Storm and Templar’s Verdict are best for two-target fights. If you’re not looking to hit three targets, Tempest of the Lightbringer or Final Verdict is a better choice.

Vanguard’s Momentum is a good choice if you only want to make one target legendary. This aoe spell works well in mixed-mode fights and has decent snipe potential. Another Legendary that is worth considering is The Magistrate’s Judgment. It increases movement speed by 8%. A Talent for Two-Handed Weapons is also recommended.

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