Best Royal Recruits Deck

How to Build the Best Royal Recruits Deck

Royal Recruits are one of the core cards in any deck. They are a low-skill card, but they can be very versatile. You can plunk them down to be a tank or support troop for the piggies. They make great defense. There are three types of Royal Recruits decks.

If you’re planning to play the royal recruits deck in a match against a single opponent, you can build your deck around their weak points. You can use three musketeers and three zappies to create lane pressure. They’re also great together, because the zappies can split to make two pushes at the same time. Another option is to pair up royal recruits with bandit and miner, which can help you to create more aggressive decks.

Another type of deck that relies heavily on royal recruits is the cycle decks. These decks can counter pushes and are good for getting slow poison or chip damage. These decks can be combined with a miner, goblin, or other counter-pressure players. The royal recruits deck offers many benefits, as you can see.

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