Best Senna Synergy

The Best Senna Synergy in World of Warcraft

The best Senna synergy varies from one game mode to the next, but there are several common tips and tricks you can use to optimize your performance. First, use Senna’s ability. It is a great way of increasing your survivability, speed, and mobility. You can also use it to put pressure on the entire enemy team.

Another useful Senna synergy is pairing her with Draven. Draven is a very aggressive champion, often leaving his support behind to take down his enemies. In that situation, Senna is very useful, as she can protect him with her ultimate and damage his enemies. Her ultimate helps her kill enemies quicker. It’s also good for teamfights, as it gives her a semi-global heal.

This is an excellent synergy for both players. Senna’s W has a long CC, and she can extend it with a Q or an ultimate. The CC can help Senna hit enemies with her abilities and help her get a snowballing lead. With the use of her ultimate and Zyra’s ability, both characters can be extremely effective together.

Senna is also a good choice for mages who can flex in the botlane. Professional teams have been getting creative with Senna lately, pairing her with mage and tank champions. These champions offer different advantages to teams, and they are always relevant in the game.

Samira is another great Senna combination. It consists of Eclipse, Rapid Firecannon, and Umbral Glaive. This build boasts a 49.6% win rate so it’s definitely worth a try! This synergy can be a great way to dominate your opponents in teamfights.

The Legend of Alacrity can also be used in conjunction with Senna to increase Senna’s DPS. In addition, it can reduce the cooldown for Piercing Darkness. It is also useful for Senna’s middlegame, as it allows her to deal damage while remaining distant.

Senna’s Q is an excellent healer, while her E makes her allies untargetable by enemy champions’ basic attacks. Additionally, she has decent mobility. Her Q and E can both heal her as well as increase her allies’ movement speed. She can also use stealth-wards to protect her allies.

Piercing Darkness is another great Senna synergy. It has a long range and can be applied on-hit effects. It also applies Frozen Mallet to multiple enemies per cast. Senna can also use her Iceborn Gauntlet or Last Embrace to extend her range. These powerful tools can be used to engage and disengage enemies.

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