Best Sidearms Destiny 2

The Best Sidearms in Destiny 2

The fusion rifle is one of the best sidearms in Destiny 2. It is a powerful, rapid-fire weapon that can deal high damage and stability. This weapon can be used in both PvE or PvP and is particularly useful in mid-range combat. However, you must be careful when choosing it. These tips and tricks will help you select the right one for you.

The Last Hope is a well-balanced sidearm with high damage and accuracy. It comes with a three-shot burst, and is most effective when used in combination with Feeding Frenzy or Multikill Clip. This weapon is a good choice for players who want to live out their dream of being the hero in an old west duel.

Drang is another good long-range sidearm. Its aim assist stat is above average at 70 and its zoom is above average at 14. It also comes with great perks, such as Eye of the Storm, Rampage, and a 5% lethality boost after you take down a Guardian. Disruption Break or Incandescent can be used to upgrade this weapon. It is also one the Solar subclasses.

The saber is another excellent sidearm. Its damage is high but it can be difficult to obtain. It’s a rare drop but it’s useful for both PvP (and PvE). This weapon is great for Gambit if you can get it through a random Legendary Engram.

Gathering Light, another great sidearm, has utility and damage perks. Its damage can be increased when used in PvE, and it can even swap between elements. This is another great weapon for PvE. However, you will want to get a different Sidearm if your goal is to play in the Crucible.

You’ll find several different Exotic sidearms in Destiny 2 that can be useful for both PvE and PVP. These weapons also have unique perks that will help you win the battle and get ahead of your opponents. The Destiny 2 Weapons Guide will help you choose the right weapon for your character. This guide will be updated as Meta changes in the game.

The Breachlight may be a good choice for PvP depending on your playstyle and character type. It doesn’t one-burst Guardians but it is still a devastating add-clearing tool. It also works well with Demolitionist and Adrenaline Junkie. If you’re good at trigger discipline and you want to save your best Arc ammo for PvE, you can also try the Trespasser.

The Rat King is an exotic primary sidearm. This fully-automatic sidearm allows you coordinate attacks with your team members. Its unique full auto frame and Infestation Catalyst makes it a useful weapon for teams.

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