Best Trickster Build Dbd

Dead by Daylight Trickster Build Guide

Trickster builds are slow but powerful. To defeat enemies, they rely on weapons such as Twisted Rounds and Venator’s Knife. This type of build also allows you to perform classic Trickster plays, such as blind firing an assault rifle into a group of enemies and using Borrowed Time to escape. These builds are less effective than builds that are tailored to a particular play style.

Dead by Daylight’s Trickster character is new. It’s available in the public test build. This new character will present a new challenge to you. This new character will give you new abilities and a new way to play the game. This new build can be used to defeat opponents and achieve high ranks in the game.

A Phasing skill can be used to protect your Trickster in fights. This skill will prevent the Trickster from being hurt by mobs and a boss. Physical damage and Anomaly damage are used for mobs, but Spectral Strike transforms your Trickster into an even better single-target damage dealer. This skill allows you to deal up to 750% damage to the target’s health.

The Trickster class is great for players who are strong and agile. They excel at close-range combat which means that they can do a lot of damage. They are able to dodge enemy attacks and defend themselves. They can also debuff enemy attacks if necessary.

The Trickster build can also be used to prevent infinite loops from the game. They are effective at blocking windows and vault locations, and they can reveal auras of breakable objects. They can block Survivors’ movement for up to 16 seconds and even prevent them opening doors.

Among the class traits, the Trickster gives you 5% extra HP and a shield that negates 5% of enemy attacks. This is a great advantage for close-range combat, as it allows you to counterattack without hesitation. Close-range combat provides a 20% healing and shield for Tricksters.

The Trickster has several powerful add-ons that increase its damage. Its base kit is weak, but it has powerful bonuses. The best Trickster add-ons can boost its damage and add a new element to it. This is especially useful when trying to chase survivors in tight spaces.

Trickster perks also play a big role in hooking survivors. The Trickster can use his Impax’ ability, to keep supervivients in a circle for a prolonged time. This allows him to hook survivors and reward them accordingly. The Trickster is more likely than others to be rewarded for hooking survivors. This is a good thing.

A Trickster’s power is limited in range, but it makes up for it with ranged attacks. He can also use his knives for raising a Survivor’s Laceration Meter before they can reach a Generator. The Trickster can also use his knives for entering blocked areas.

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