Bigfoot Jinx

Bigfoot Jinx

The titular character in the video game Bigfoot Jinx is a black domestic cat born with a defect. Her mother is unknown and she is known for extending her body and drinking a mysterious potion. She was once a close friend to Big Floppa. However, he kicked her away after she ate an entire plate full of scrambled eggs. She is prohibited from public places due to her abnormal physical features.

Bigfoot Jinx is a good example of a socially conscious artist. Independent artists responsible for designing Bigfoot Jinx merchandise chose high quality products. Every purchase helps the artist because it puts money in his pockets. You can view all of the available designs for “Bigfoot Jinx” here. Just make sure to use the image’s resolution properly. The resulting picture is bound to be one of the most interesting and unique pieces of art.

The family that adopted Jinx took her to the vet. She was found in the middle the night and desperately needed medical attention. They wrapped her in blankets and gave her formula. They made a promise to take care of her until she is well. The vet noticed Jinx’s unusual appearance with her large eyes, long legs, and peculiar nose. Her unusual appearance was a comfort to her owners.

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