Black Butler William

William T Spears – The Popular Character in Black Butler

William T. Spears plays a pivotal role in Black Butler. Spears is a supervisor at Shinigami’s Dispatch Management Division. He’s a shady character who constantly tries to put lives in danger. Despite this, he manages to keep his cool and continue the story. Spears and his team are now facing off against the Grim Remapers, a third-party group.

William has short brown hair, green eyes, and rectangle-shaped glasses. The Young Ciel Phantomhive is his pet dog. It was named after the Grim Reaper. The character is responsible for overseeing unsettling events in Victorian England. The character was voiced by Kenn in the Japanese version and Joel McDonald in the English version. The Black Butler, William’s best friend and confidante, is charged with solving the mystery surrounding the mysterious death of the Countess’s sister.

Ciel, despite not believing in morality is a bad person. His primary motivation is revenge. He was once a slave to cultists, who subjected his body to inhumane cruelty. He doesn’t believe in morality and is willing to use unorthodox methods to solve cases. He’s a good choice but not the best person to handle secrets.

William is a great choice as Undertaker, even though his eye sight is not the best. His icy distance and cold efficiency would help him in an intense battle with the undertaker. Although it’s unlikely that William would win in the match, he would probably be a good match for the Undertaker. But William does have his advantages and he is definitely worth the watch!

William is the 15th most popular character in Black Butler. He has 103 voices. He is also the only Shinigami to have initials that start with “T”. When they were students, he was a lower graded than Grell Sutcliff. In general, he is a digne man and would never hesitate to excuse a shinigami in trouble. And, he does not care if it hurts.

William was solid and real. He held your hand as you walked out of a store and across the river. And he kept your lower back when you fell into his chest. He exuded boyish charm. That was enough to make any woman swoon. William made me want to go on a sexy date with him. And that was just the beginning of my relationship with him.

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