Bob Alman

Bob Alman – A Croquet Legend

Dr Bob Alman has taught numerous classes over his long and successful career, renowned for providing easy to comprehend materials as well as entertaining classes with humorous anecdotes that add light-hearted moments.

Alman hails from Leicester, England. He holds a degree in Sports Science from Butler University and has experience coaching both youth and professional teams.

Early Life and Education

Bob Alman made incalculable contributions and legacies to croquet. From playing backyard nine-wicket games all around New York and San Francisco, to club building in Oakland and San Francisco, managing the Charles P. Steuber National Croquet Center and cultivating world croquet through Croquet World Online magazine; his legacy remains immense in our sport. He truly was one of its pioneers!

Early on, he learned that his real world of work would never suit him. Once his book project at Werner Erhard and Associates had concluded, several freelancing jobs in downtown San Francisco proved unappealing as their corporate atmosphere left him cold and disconnected from clients. Furthermore, newspaper employment exposed him to Huey Long’s Louisiana politicians’ manipulations in passing laws prohibiting New Orleans school integration laws that made his experience even worse.

Professional Career

Alman has served as women’s soccer coach at Butler University in Indianapolis since 2016, helping several students secure national team programs or professional careers after they graduate. Additionally, he has coached in both NPSL and NWSL pro leagues.

At its height, he played an instrumental role in creating and producing the San Francisco Open, America’s most competitive association rules tournament. Additionally, he helped form Oakland Croquet Club by transforming an underused bowling club into an outstanding croquet venue.

He collaborated with Ellery McClatchy to produce a three-volume monograph series on Club-Building, Organization and Management for the United Croquet Association. A dedicated organizer and promoter of croquet, Charles P. Steuber National Croquet Center was then located in West Palm Beach under his management.

Achievement and Honors

Bob Alman made an impactful contribution to croquet in his later years by founding and overseeing a croquet website that serves as a unique news service covering global croquet events – leaving behind a legacy that will live long beyond his death.

He was an active organizer and promoter of croquet. While living in California he assisted in founding both San Francisco Croquet Club and Oakland Croquet Club when croquet became more prevalent there. Additionally he founded and first managed Charles P. Steuber National Croquet Center when it first opened its doors.

He is a member of the USCA Hall of Fame. A well-known public speaker on corporate governance issues, he has also published numerous articles for professional publications. Additionally, he served on both the Society’s Securities Law Committee as well as several national conference committees.

Personal Life

Bob Alman is an exceptional organizer and promoter. His commitment to croquet is unflinching: be it Association Croquet, golf croquet or backyard nine-wicket croquet; all are pursued fervently.

In 1996, he established Croquet World Online as an international news and feature service accessible by users around the globe.

He is also an exceptional croquet player, having won several tournaments. Additionally, he has written many books about croquet, including one called The Definitive Manual on Club-Building Organization and Management that deserves much praise and credit from its readership. Furthermore, he is known as an outstanding defender of the sport, having defeated multiple world champions during his playing career.

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