Bob Gibson Baseball Card

Bob Gibson 1961 Topps Baseball Card

If you’re looking to start a Bob Gibson player collection, the 1961 Topps set might be the right place to start. This is Gibson’s third major set, and his career was still just beginning. Gibson did not have a stellar season, but eventually managed to make his first All-Star team. This early Gibson card will definitely increase in value, as they are extremely rare and hard to find. This does not mean you should stop collecting baseball cards. They will be very valuable!

Many collectors are attracted to Gibson’s signature because of his popularity as a pitcher. Gibson’s signature is one of the most famous from his era, and is incredibly clean. His signature is also notable for the loops in his first name and the fact that the “i” in his last name is not dotted. The signature of this baseball star is very popular today. There are several vintage Gibson sets that feature Gibson’s autograph.

Bob Gibson was a legendary Major League Baseball pitcher who played 17 seasons for the St. Louis Cardinals. He earned a reputation as a hard throwing right-handed pitcher, and his popularity as a player led to in demand trading cards. While many hurlers began their professional careers with basketball scholarships, Bob Gibson did not make his major league debut until he was 23 years old. His burgeoning stardom made him one of the hardest-throwing right-handed pitchers in the National League, and he finished his career with 251 wins and nearly three thousand strikeouts.

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