Bonnie Thomas

Bonnie Thomas, LPC

Bonnie Thomas, LPC is a counselor in Little Rock who accepts multiple insurance providers.

Clayton has written history pieces for an Iowa newspaper and received two first-place awards at state competitions for his writing.

Professor Thomas has provided supervision to several PhD students in French Studies, as well as those undertaking honours projects on francophone Caribbean literature. She advocates strongly for personalized learning and encourages her students to follow their passions.

Early Life and Education

Bonnie Thomas earned her Bachelor’s in education and then embarked upon a career in education, working first as an in-service coordinator for a regional education service center before transitioning to Illinois State University as an assistant professor of Curriculum & Instruction.

Bonnie offers counsel to clients on labor and employment laws as well as general civil litigation matters. She possesses extensive experience working with unionized workforces and regularly advises clients regarding compliance with federal and state employment regulations.

Bonnie devotes much of her time contacting discharged hospital patients who belong to CMH primary care providers and reviewing medical records, then identifying patients at risk for readmission and working to reduce that risk. Bonnie possesses an exemplary work ethic as well as being a dedicated mother for her four children.

Professional Career

Bonnie Thomas has over two decades of experience representing school entities and private employers in labor and employment matters, providing advice to schools on Title IX compliance as well as handling litigation at federal, state and local levels. Additionally, Bonnie regularly conducts comprehensive training sessions for Title IX coordinators, investigators, decision-makers on gender discrimination, disability accommodation, cultural competency and trauma response response.

He holds a deep passion for francophone Caribbean literature and teaches it at all levels to students of all abilities. Her teaching philosophy emphasizes personalized learning experiences for each student as she encourages them to explore their individual interests within the subject matter. For her efforts as a teacher she has received multiple awards; additionally she has contributed academic research projects and published articles about educational administration.

Achievement and Honors

Bonnie was an example of resilience. Despite surviving a serious car accident at age 12, and suffering two tragic deaths of twin brothers before succumbing to chronic illnesses that ultimately claimed her life, Bonnie never took it upon herself or expected others to feel sorry for her plight. She took pride in remaining independent throughout all this turmoil.

Associate Professor Bonnie Thomas offers French as a Second Language and Literature classes to students of all levels at all academic institutions in Toronto and environs, specialising in contemporary French and francophone Caribbean literature. She has served as supervisor to a number of PhD candidates, providing them with personalized learning experiences tailored to meet each of their academic requirements.

In 2022, she received the Bonnie Teater Community Development Lifetime Achievement Award from the Southern Rural Development Center. This prestigious accolade recognizes faculty who exemplify the University’s dedication to civic engagement; recipients are selected by a committee consisting of previous recipients, Levine Scholars Director, and staff member from community development area.

Personal Life

Bonnie holds strong values about family and community. She enjoys spending time with her grandchildren at sporting events, as well as providing continuous support to her church family.

Academic work focused on gender identity in French Caribbean literature and culture is among her main areas of research, with an interest in how feminism and activism intersect. Passionate about teaching, she strives to provide an inclusive and supportive learning environment for her students.

She has an intense devotion to her church and is beloved by the primary children in Draper 12th Ward. She often takes widows in the area dinners or treats. Additionally, she holds strong testimony of gospel truthfulness and regularly attends temple. Furthermore, she enjoys cooking and baking.

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