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Boom Boxers – A Look at Their Net Worth

Boxers, briefs or tighty whities – whatever you call them – are having an unprecedented moment. Young women are opting for breezy cotton boxers instead of their traditional knickers for everyday wear, layering them under low-waisted jeans or over a pair of tights to complete the look.

BOOM brings fitness boxing into the home via smart punching bags, speakers and interactive lighting technology for an enhanced fitness boxing experience. It aims to increase accessibility of boxing fitness and encourage healthy hedonistic lifestyles.

Early Life and Education

Ray Mancini began boxing as a teenager with undying love for his father Lenny, whose own championship hopes had been dashed by war wounds. To honor Lenny’s memory and keep moving forward like a spring storm sweeping across the prairie, Mancini adopted the moniker “Boom Boom”.

Mancini often found himself questioning why he was fighting, whether for good reasons or money, after an unexpectedly violent fight with South Korean boxer Duk-Koo Kim in 2012. Years later he has found peace with his role and is working to improve brain health in combat sports.

Mark Kriegel of The Atlantic’s Mark Kriegel has written award-winning biographies of Joe Namath and Pete Maravich; Kriegel interviewed Mancini about his legacy in the ring as well as his journey back home to Youngstown.

Professional Career

Ray Mancini of Youngstown, Ohio earned himself the nickname “Boom Boom” due to his lightning fast fighting style. Inspired by his father Lenny – an up and coming lightweight contender before war wounds ended his championship hopes – Mancini began boxing early and quickly became known as an aggressive champion who earned international renown during his brief boxing career.

After an impressive amateur career, Mancini made the leap into professional tennis in 1979 and quickly emerged as a powerful opponent, winning multiple titles and qualifying for the U.S. Olympic team at 1980 Olympic Games in Moscow.

Mancini retired from boxing with an impressive 29-5 record that included 23 knockout victories. He was honored with induction into the International Boxing Hall of Fame in 2015 and currently spends his time working with family members who suffer from depression in order to reduce stigma surrounding this illness.

Achievement and Honors

Next month at Caesars Palace, six boxers will be honored with induction into the Nevada Boxing Hall of Fame: Riddick Bowe, Ray “Boom Boom” Mancini, Pernell “Sweet Pea” Whitaker, Freddie Little and Christy Martin are scheduled to receive this distinction.

With greater awareness of obesity and diabetes, fitness boxing has grown increasingly popular. Unfortunately, due to its excitement and professional instruction at real boxing gyms, home boxing gyms don’t quite compare!

Boom Boxers is a community-created cosmetic item available for Scout, Pyro, Demoman, Heavy and Engineer classes of the game. Contributed to Steam Workshop in late 2014, it transforms tinker’s workbenchs into boxing rings and is free. In addition, these boom boxers can be used in team-based competitive play in Iron Arena.

Personal Life

Ray Mancini entered the boxing ring carrying both hopes and ghosts from his family history. His father had been an elite contender who missed his shot at world title glory due to World War II service commitments; Ray would inherit both his dad’s ring name as well as any championship ambitions from him.

But in 1982, during his second defense of the WBA lightweight title, Mancini fell victim to South Korean fighter Duk Koo Kim in a nationally broadcast fight. Mancini put Kim down and later died from severe head injuries suffered in this round 14 battle.

“The Good Son,” directed by Jesse James Miller and based on Mark Kriegel’s 2012 book of the same name, explores that dark period. Mancini continues his professional career by serving as a ring analyst for Premier Boxing Champions events.

Net Worth

These boom boxers have amassed impressive fortunes through fight earnings or business ventures – they have amassed fortunes that dwarf many average Americans’. Here is an estimate of their net worths:

Saul Alvarez is the four-division world champion and is widely considered one of the greatest boxers ever to step inside a ring. His high-profile matches have generated enormous sums – including a record $15 Million pay out against Luis Ortiz!

Sugar Ray Leonard, better known by his nickname of the Hitman, has won multiple awards in boxing as an active boxer. In 2014 he was even named The Ring magazine’s best active boxer! Since retiring from boxing he has become an accomplished philanthropist who founded his own foundation as well as writing books and appearing in movies.

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