Bow Spear Build New World

How to Build a Bow Spear in World of Warcraft

Relentless Blows

The Relentless Blows ability of the bow spear allows the player to deal even more damage than the normal version of the bow. This ability is very useful for PvP as it can knock down your opponents and stun them. Once stunned, the enemy is much more vulnerable to your attacks. It can also be used in combination with the musket or bow to deal even more damage.

Deadly Distance

If you’re looking for a build that deals massive damage, the bow and spear are excellent choices. Both of these weapons are specialized for dealing massive damage, and they both feature the Bow’s special attack, Splinter Shot, which slows your target by 50%, and the Spear’s special attack, Vault Kick, which knocks enemies down. Both weapons have various bonuses, including damage and stamina regeneration.

Coup de Grace

The Coup De Grace is a weapon skill that applies bleeding status to enemies. It also grants you “Empower,” which increases your damage by 4% for 10 seconds and increases your crit rate by 2%. Moreover, it decreases the cooldown of your spear by 20%.

Reserved Strength

Reserved Strength is a powerful stat that will increase your damage when you use your Spear. It deals 125% of weapon damage and stuns your target. You can also purchase Perforate, which gives your enemies a 5% reduction in damage. Another excellent Spear ability is Cyclone, which deals 110% of weapon damage. The cooldown of this attack is three seconds, but it has a decent area. Reserved Strength also gives you Refreshing Evasion.


A Muskets build combines the Hatchet with the Musket for an all-in-one melee weapon that shuts down enemies at any range. This combo allows you to quickly thin out herds and reduce reload time while dealing 100% weapon damage. In addition, the Hatchet also provides some mobility, which is helpful when playing PvP.

War Hammer

A War Hammer bow spear build is a powerful combination that is effective against a wide range of enemies. It deals damage with the Shockwave, and its CC ability makes it useful in dealing with groups of enemies, especially during Outpost Rush. The War Hammer’s Perforate ability also makes it useful for completing enemies, even those who are running away.

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