Boy Henna Tattoos

A Boy From Israel Was Hospitalized After Getting Henna Tattoos

After getting henna tattoos, a boy from Israel was recently admitted to hospital. He went to the market, picked up his temporary tattoos, and woke up with red, swollen arms. Afterwards, he was given antibiotics and steroids by infusion. In one in 40 cases, a boy may experience an allergic reaction, which can be painful and damage the skin. Owen had a dragon outline on one arm, a pawprint on his chest, and a tribal design on the other. A week later, the black pigment flaked off, and his body was infected with a severe allergic reaction.

Later, he began to bleed and develop itching. His family is still not sure what caused the reaction. He was treated at Stollery Children’s Hospital’s burn unit. A spokesperson for the resort said that they had no record of the incident, but Hunter found a study online indicating that henna tattoo ink is sometimes mixed with a common hair dye chemical called PPD, which is considered a restricted ingredient but is not banned in the United States.

The Food and Drug Administration has issued safety warnings about tattoos made with black henna. PPD, or p-phenylenediamine, a common dye in black henna, causes allergic reactions in some people. A warning label should be placed on any henna tattoo to warn people about this danger. It could contain PPD, which can cause allergic reactions.

A 12-year-old boy from Israel had a reaction to a temporary henna tattoo in a marketplace. Doctors discovered that the tattoos had caused severe allergic reactions and rushed him to a hospital. The doctor realized that the situation could have become a serious skin infection if it wasn’t treated quickly. Although this was rare, it should not be ignored. However, it should serve as a warning to other parents and holidaymakers.

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