Brave New Y’shtola

Y’shtola Necklace – A Brave New Y’shtola

Inspired by the character Master Matoya from The First, the Y’shtola necklace features handmade charms that give it a Night’s Blessed feel. This versatile necklace is suitable for both men as well as women. Designed to be a unique piece of jewelry, it will definitely draw attention.

The Y’shtola’s outfit is the most expensive of the three. It comes with several components, making it an expensive purchase. First, you’ll need to purchase a Y’shtola necklace, which will be the centerpiece of your outfit. The next step is to buy a Sorceress costume, which is a perfect match for your character’s dark arts skills. This outfit is intricately crafted and includes a fur lining. The outfit also includes multiple layers of skirt trims, boots, and more.

You can purchase the outfit at Final Fantasy XIV’s Mog Station. This will make your character more like Y’shtola, a dark arts specialist. She usually discards her white clothing whenever she embarks on a dark journey. Players can choose from the different color schemes available for the Y’shtola Attire.

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