Brian Laundrie Letter

A Civil Lawsuit Highlights a Shocking Letter Written by Brian Laundrie’s Mother

A civil lawsuit filed against Christopher and Roberta Laundrie has highlighted a shocking secret letter written by Brian Laundrie’s mother after her son killed Gabby Petito. The letter is not only a confession, it also offers evidence of the Laundries’ involvement in Gabby’s death. Nicole Schmidt and Joseph Petito, Brian’s parents, claim that the Laundries harbored Brian and conspired to protect him from liability.

The contents of the eight-page suicide note, which was written by Brian Laundrie’s lawyer, have been released by the lawyer. It claimed that Brian was responsible for the death his girlfriend Gabby Petito. Petito went missing on Sept. 11, 2021. The body was found the next day, on Sept. 19. Brian Laundrie admitted to her murder in the letter. The police, meanwhile, were notified of Gabby’s death on October 20, 2021.

The FBI shared excerpts from the suicide note with several publications, allowing the family to piece together more details about the tragic death of a young couple. The letter also features a confession from Laundrie and a statement about Petito that was shared with the woman’s parents. The FBI knew about the contents of Laundrie’s notebook for a while. Bertolino’s office also provided copies of the note to the family.

The letter was written by Brian Laundrie’s mother Roberta Laundrie. It was written after Gabby Petito’s suicide. It was however written before Laundrie committed suicide. The letter is being released by Brian Laundrie’s family attorney, Patrick Riley. There are no comments by Roberta Laundrie’s attorney regarding the letter. Patrick Riley however described it as “eerie, unsettling.”

The FBI seized the personal belongings of Gabby Petito and Brian Laundrie, claiming they killed Gabby. According to the letter Laundrie had been updating Petito during their cross-country trip, according to the letter. When the girl went missing, Laundrie returned to Florida without her. Her family called the police, and internet sleuths were searching for her. The letter also revealed that Laundrie had been involved in the murder. The family is filing a civil suit against Brian Laundrie and his family.

The Laundrie family is also facing the legal action because they allegedly knew that Roberta’s daughter was dead but failed to disclose it to the public. The letter may be of value in proving this claim. It was found in Petito’s car after a search of Laundrie’s residence. Apparently, Laundrie scribbled “burn after you read this letter” on the envelope.

Investigators found Laundrie’s body, along with his backpack, revolver, and notebook. Police have determined that he was killed by an unidentified person and left the remains in a park. The remains were identified as Laundrie’s in November. Police say the death was a homicide, and the findings are chilling. The family hopes for more information soon. The letter also reveals the truth about Laundrie’s mysterious death.

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