Brian Laundrie Notebook Released

Lifetime’s Brian Laundrie Notebook Revealed

Lifetime is shooting a movie about Brian Laundrie and his murder of Gabby Petito. In the film, Laundrie says he was inspired by the “van life” of his friend and he wrote about his experiences on it in his notebook. The notebook was released in October. It includes descriptions of what Laundrie did in the final hours Gabby’s life. Although the notebook is quite disturbing, there are also positive aspects.

The note is full of details about Laundrie’s struggle to get back to his van in the dark, while Petito was trapped in a stream. Laundrie claims Petito was in severe pain after she fell into the water and that she begged him for his life. This is a disturbing and tragic account, and Laundrie has apologized to Petito’s family. However, the case has become more complicated.

When he returned to Florida after missing Petito, Laundrie did not let his parents know where he was. After he failed to appear for the welfare check, they reported him missing. Laundrie used his debit cards even though he was gone. His car was discovered near a large preserve in Sarasota County a few days later. The notebook also revealed a graphic description of Petito’s last moments.

On Sept. 11, Laundrie went missing. For days, he did not return phone calls. His body was found by police in a 24,000-acre Florida preserve. Police said he killed himself at the park, which was heavily flooded during earlier searches. The remains of the couple were found with Laundrie’s notebook and revolver. This case continues to be investigated and many suspects remain unsolved. If you have questions about Laundrie’s death, do not hesitate to contact law enforcement. It may help solve the case.

The family filed a lawsuit against Christopher Laundrie and his parents, claiming that they withheld information about the death of the 22-year old. The Petito family also filed an estate-wrongful-death lawsuit. The court has not yet set a date. It is not clear when the case will be tried. It is not clear who will win.

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