Brian Laundriw

The Lawsuit Against Brian Laundrie’s Parents

Although it is hard to believe that Gabby Laundrie’s parents would keep such silence during her disappearance it is very real. The couple claim that Laundrie knew about Gabrielle’s disappearance and was planning to leave the country after she was killed. His parents also claim that Laundrie blocked their daughter’s Facebook profile and phone number.

Since Gabby Petito’s remains were discovered, Brian Laundrie has been a person of interest in the case. It’s unclear why Brian Laundrie would have killed his girlfriend, but the death of Gabby has left her family and friends wondering. Until Brian Laundrie was arrested, there was no way to know who had killed her. In fact, her body was found nearly a month after Brian Laundriw disappeared.

The autopsy report of Laundrie’s corpse is now available. Laundrie admitted to the murder of Gabby Petito, his fiancee. The investigation into her death is ongoing, and the family says she will be seeking justice for her daughter. The family has reached out to the FBI for assistance. It is not yet clear if Laundrie’s family will file countersuit against him.

Brian Laundrie left behind notes that contained a confession to the murder of Gabby Petito. Laundrie died by suicide last October, but his notes were found near her body. In January, the FBI revealed that the notes were written by Laundrie. They are partially stained with water damage, but still have a clear message. Brian Laundrie’s confession may help solve the case. The truth will eventually come out.

Last month, the FBI announced that Laundrie had admitted to killing Petito in his notebook. Laundrie also sent text messages to trick people about Petito’s location, according to the investigation. The investigation has revealed that Laundrie had returned to Florida soon after Petito’s disappearance. However, his disappearance triggered a public outcry, and his parents found a notebook containing his written confession in a nature preserve near their home.

The FBI is currently investigating whether Laundrie committed suicide by killing Gabby. It appears that Laundrie’s fiancee had a relationship. Although the investigation is ongoing, Roberta Laundrie, Laundrie’s mother, has already partnered up with the FBI and her Pinterest board in an effort to get a glimpse at her son’s personal items. Steve Bertolino, the family’s attorney claims there are more clues to the crime.

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