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Forever Hand in Hand Mittens – Indian Men in Black and White Holding Hands

There’s something unique about the way men in India hold hands. British fashion and celebrity photographer Vincent Dolman was blown away by the behavior, and decided to document it on a recent trip to Mumbai.

The photographer started noticing the trend while strolling through the streets of Mumbai. He noticed that many men were holding their hands in public, a surprising cultural norm for the country where homophobia is rampant and gender roles are rigidly defined.

As Dolman observed more and more of the ‘hand clasping’ phenomenon, he began to think about whether it might be a human universal. Several studies, including one by primatologist Frans de Waal, have shown that chimps engage in hand-clasping, although they only do so under certain circumstances.

According to Dolman, the hand-clasping practice seems to be a learned behavior. It is a ritualistic action, often used after a battle to help restore harmony. It is also a sign of commitment.

This behavior is a reminder that humans have a long history of loving, holding and caring for each other. In fact, it’s so widespread that researchers have even started to wonder if the practice dates back to the time of the first humans.

In the past few months, there have been a slew of couples who’ve been seen holding hands in public. Some were romantic, like the photo of Chris Brown and Rihanna posted by the singer on Instagram this week. Others, more common, were just casual.

Forever Hand in Hand Mittens

If you’re looking for the perfect gift for your loved one this Christmas, you’ll love these adorable mittens that are meant to be worn together. The set includes three pairs of mittens, each with two places for the hands to insert. They are made from wool and can be worn in the winter to keep your hands warm.

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