Burke’s Law Cast

In the first season, Burke is assigned the case of Lenore Wingfield’s murder, and he pokes around the Western Museum to find clues. He does a comic double take when he sees the tombstone of the dead Bat Masterson, who called Burke a “liar.” Bret Michaels, frontman of Poison, played the character Roger Rose. The name is a reference to the song “Every rose has its thorn” by Poison. Burke, a captain of the Homicide Squad, has been a victim of murder.

The original cast remained largely unchanged. The original cast was rounded out by a handful of newcomers. The writers of the show wanted to create an entertaining series. The show also featured several actors from other shows. Fortunately, the actors were talented enough to bring a sense of humor to the proceedings. Some of them became recurring favorites. This is a great way to get the entire family interested in a new TV series!

Amory praises Amory’s ensemble of two detectives. One is an older detective who is more experienced than Burke and the other a younger detective who is good at gathering evidence. In one episode, the killer plants a cufflink on the scene of the crime, and the other is planted by the victim’s mate. Burke decides that the cufflinks could be clues or a frameup. Burke did not use false names or disguises. His assistants were adept at gathering evidence.

The Burke’s Law cast includes many talented actors, including William Shatner and Stella Stevens. While the main actors and actresses occupy the lead roles in the show, the cast also includes some lesser known characters. Some of them even get smaller roles. So, while you’re looking for the Burke’s Law cast, make sure to check out the full list for photos of the actors. You’ll be pleased with the results!

Besides the gang’s many memorable characters, Burke’s Law also spawned a successful spinoff, Honey West. Based on the novels by G.G. Fickling, the series introduced television’s first female PI. Honey West made her television debut in an episode of Burke’s Law in 1965. Its sequel, Burke’s Law: The Secret Agent, was cancelled after two seasons. The show was not worth continuing, but there were some entertaining tidbits to help you decide whether or not to continue it.

Another notable addition to the cast is Broderick Crawford, who has carved out a successful career as both the good guy and the bad guy. He is most well-known for his roles in “The Virginian,” as a bounty hunting agent, while Doug McClure plays the role of a bounty hunter with “Trampas.” It is interesting to note that several other regular cast members moonlight on the show as well. Johnny Carson is one of them, and he appears on The Tonight Show.

The original series cast includes both familiar and unknown actors. Many of the actors are familiar faces from other shows such as Mike Connors and Robert Culp, Efrem Zimbalist Jr., Dusty Rhodes and many more. The cast also includes Spelling’s 90210/Melrose Place gang members and Amos Burke, a famous lawyer.

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