caitlin covington engagement ring

Caitlin Covington Engagement Ring

Caitlin Covington is a social media star and a fine fashionista. As luck would have it, her wedding was a star-studded affair. The reception was held in the grand old city of Charleston, and her bridesmaids donned a few of the best gowns you’ll find on the planet. Moreover, the city’s bourbon culture made for a good time. Having said that, it’s not hard to imagine that this couple has a long-lasting marriage. That is, if the engagement doesn’t end in divorce or a split. Luckily for them, they’re surrounded by a few well-meaning friends and relatives.

Nevertheless, while planning for a lifelong commitment, Covington took care of business by implementing some sane measures. One such measure was a healthy diet and an exercise regime that included the requisite caffeinated beverages. She also made a sizable donation to charity. And she has a great guy in the works, if not the most eligible bachelor in the universe. So, congratulations to the happy couple! It’s a new chapter in her life, and a new beginning for her and her family. For her part, she’s a witty and funny woman. Indeed, her aforementioned mentions may be her most seasoned and savvy friends. Hopefully, her luck stays intact. Until the next time she gets hitched. Until then, here’s to hoping the aforementioned hiccups don’t recur. Besides, she has plenty of time to put her new found wealth to work for her favorite charity. The most important component of any relationship is trust. Aside from her husband and daughter, Covington’s best friends include her parents, her sisters, and her cousin. Despite their busy schedules, she’s still able to maintain a high-level of interaction with them.

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