Caitlin Rounds Justin Anderson

Justin Anderson Rounds Up His Friends

It is safe to assume that Justin Anderson has been on the prowl for a while now. As of the time of writing, he is still single and has yet to announce his nuptials to a longtime fan, presumably a fellow telemarketer. Although he may be missing the woman of his dreams, he is reportedly in good company as a member of the aforementioned telemarketer’s inner circle. His social network extends to such luminaries as Jessica LaBrie, Courtenay Rose Pattin, and Austin Rhodes. All of them have a hefty swagbag of their own. And who can blame them? Not to mention his longtime collaborator, Brittany Aldean, who is a hunk in the truest sense.

Having said that, it’s not surprising that the likes of Kristin and Justin aren’t exactly free from each other, a lama or two. To keep the romance a la mode, Anderson has enlisted the help of a few friends to fill the roles. Aside from his buddies, he is also a devoted father and grandfather. However, as one might imagine, the juggling act is no joke. Luckily for him, he has a large enough slush fund to cover the tab. So, while Anderson aint been seen in a suit, he can still enjoy the fruits of his labor. And while he might not be the biggest babe in the bedroom, he certainly is a hunk in the flesh. Of course, there is no doubt that he is the most devoted fan of his ilk, a trait that goes for the aforementioned tycoon and his exes.

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