Caleb Michael Whisnand

Caleb Michael Whisnand, a newborn’s mother, was charged with capital murder during a news conference. He had previously been charged with reckless murder. After an autopsy revealed evidence, the capital murder charge was raised to capital murder. According to the arrest affidavit, the infant’s death occurred between 3:45 and 10:49 p.m. on May 10.

The father of the infant is accused of killing his infant son, according to investigators. He was found dead in rural Lowndes County southwest of Montgomery. According to authorities, the infant had been buried in a remote location. Caleb Michael Whisnand Jr.’s family called the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office to request assistance. The Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office and Lowndes County, located southwest of the city, were contacted and they began searching for the child.

The child was last seen at a gas station when the father was on his way to pay for his gas. Investigators were told that he had left the child with a friend on Saturday night. However, when he returned home, he realized that the infant was gone. The father pleaded for the baby’s safe return and pleaded for his return. Investigators said the baby’s abduction could have been prevented if the child had been properly identified.

After the baby was found dead, Caleb’s father was arrested. He has been charged with capital murder. The mother is a minor. She and her boyfriend lived in the same home. Authorities found the body in a remote location. The mother and father are currently in jail. Police are still trying to piece together a timeline of what happened to Caleb. They are also trying to determine whether Caleb had been abducted before the homicide.

Whisnand was already indicted in another case at the time of the shooting. He was already charged with reckless endangerment and possession of drug paraphernalia. He also had possession of methamphetamine and heroin. He will stand trial in this unrelated case on Oct. 21. While the investigation continues, his family is still grieving. This case has a tragic ending for the family of Caleb Michael Whisnand.

The investigation is ongoing and a jury will make a decision soon. C.J.’s parents are trying to decide what next. Whisnand, 32, are trying to decide what to do next. While they wait for a decision, Whisnand and his wife are appealing to the public for help in finding their son. They believe that C.J. They believe that C.J. There is no way to know for sure.

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