Candance Prunty

Candance Prunty, 29, of Springfield, Massachusetts, was fatally shot on Oct. 21, 2015. Her three children, ages one, four, and seven, were at school when she was attacked. Her body was discovered in the kitchen by relatives. Police have not yet released the motive behind the crime. Authorities hope to find someone who knows more about Prunty’s death. It will take a long time to get justice.

During the investigation, police have uncovered evidence that points to Thomas Albert as the killer. Thomas Albert was indicted for murder and attempted murder. The mother of the victim was found dead at her home. He will likely spend the rest of his life behind bars. On saturdays at 8/7c, the show airs true crime stories from around the world. Check the website for the latest crime news and information on Oxygen’s original true crime series.

Although it is not clear if Thomas Albert will be charged with Prunty’s murder, he was present at her funeral on two occasions. In July 2015, her home was vandalized four times. At first, she thought the vandals were Elliott’s ex-partners. She left her home and relocated with her children to her sister’s home. The vandals allegedly followed her throughout the time.

The investigation is ongoing to determine who killed Prunty, who was a mother of three. Her parents still hope to find the murderer. They are hoping that the public will take action and help identify the culprit. The Springfield police department launched a billboard campaign to collect information about the incident. Although it is unclear whether Prunty’s ex-boyfriend is responsible for the crime, police are searching for other clues.

Authorities are searching for a suspect in Prunty’s death. Her family demanded justice for her death and called for an investigation. A fair trial without a conviction is difficult. Prunty’s death is still very confusing. Although it is not clear who killed Prunty, her family has asked for fairness for her children. If you are a family member of a missing child, you will understand the pain and anguish she felt upon learning that their daughter has been killed.

Prunty was shot in the neck and head with gunshots, but there are no forensic clues that would link her murder to him. But she was an exemplary mother, and her children were terribly saddened by her death. The murder of her daughter was the first-of-its-kind. The police hope that the murderer will be found, even though the case is still under investigation.

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