Carlie Brucia Mom Dies

Susan Schorpen, Carlie Brucia Mom Dies

Susan Schorpen, the mother of Carlie Brucia, has died. At this time, the cause of her death remains unknown. Carlie was abducted in February 2004 and her mother has been making daily pleas for her daughter’s safe return. The toxicology test results won’t be released for 90 jours. Joseph P. Smith (51), remains on death row. The death sentence was upheld by the Florida Supreme Court in 2014.

On Monday, police in Sarasota, Florida, arrived at the Brucia residence. The police spoke with Danielle’s parents, and issued a BOLO to Carlie. Her friends went back to school and hoped she’d come home soon. Police used scent dogs to track Carlie’s scent through the car wash and parking lot. The police eventually found a body but it was too late.

The criminal investigation revealed the presence of drugs and a history of abuse by Smith, the father of the Brucia girls. Smith was jailed for a year and a half after the crime. Later, authorities revealed that Smith had met Carlie on Super Bowl Sunday 2004. He became the mother of Carlie. Though the investigation revealed that Smith was not a sexual predator, it is important to note that this is not the case.

In addition to the videotape, surveillance cameras were used to find the suspect. A surveillance camera behind a car wash recorded a man who grabbed Brucia’s arm and led her to a car. The videotape was played across the nation and sparked a massive manhunt for the kidnapper. Police also announced that the primary suspect in the case was a 37-year-old car mechanic, and that the car used in the crime was owned by Smith.

The family’s initial reaction to the tragedy was to blame the murderers for Carlie’s tragic death. Several federal legislations were passed in her name. In addition to a stricter probation policy, the incident led to the introduction of new federal legislation cracking down on probation violators. While this is a tragic incident, the death of Carlie Brucia paved the way for the passage of new laws in the United States.

The police then began questioning the people closest to the case. Steve Dawson, Carlie’s step-dad, said to police that he and Carlie were in constant communication and that he would search for her if she didn’t return home. His phone records backed up his story. He also mentioned Ron Shoket, a man who later confessed his daughter’s murder.

Police went back to surveillance video to find the person who killed Carlie. The jumpsuit had a name tag, but it was blurry so the software couldn’t read it. Several tips led to the arrest of the suspect. The case was finally solved and justice was served. Now, what’s the next step? Why is Carlie’s mother so concerned?

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