Caskey Tattoos

Caskey Tattoos

Caskey tattoos are not something you should be avoiding. Jay Allen, a country singer, has known for a long time the power of tattoos. The lyrics of “Tattoos To Heaven” inspired Caskey’s decision to get inked. Louie Lopez was Caskey’s tattoo artist. Whether you’re looking for an inspirational tattoo, a tattoo with meaning, or something more simple, this man has your back.

Don Caskey was diagnosed with stage 4 kidney cancer three years back. He decided to get a tattoo as many people as possible. He started a tattoo crusade and soon had over 400 tattoos, many of them matching his own. He is now working to collect a tattoo for every person who has been inked with him. Don Caskey has tattoos from six different countries, as well as three continents.

Caskey tells people his story through tattoos. He has become an integral part people’s lives. His tattoos go beyond the skin’s depth and create global connections. Caskey’s tattoos truly are a work of fine art. You’ll be proud to have one on your body, too! Don’t let tattoos discourage you. Caskey tattoos will last you a lifetime.

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