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Book Review of “Bana Tibor” by Catherine Zeta Jones

On her Instagram, the actress shared photos of Carys, her daughter. More than 37,000 of her followers liked the photos, and people commented that they looked just like their famous mum. One picture shows Carys as a tiny girl hugging her mother, while the other shows her as a young woman enjoying a day at the beach in a flowing skirt. Both photos sparked debate, but ultimately, the actress decided to change her profile picture to avoid controversy.

In the first book, “Bana Tibor,” Jones depicts a woman with a revolving door. Her characters have no way to escape from the situation, but she’s determined to make it work. She wants to make her own way to the top, and that means she needs to figure out how her life will be without her. She discovers a new perspective about love, family, life as she explores the world around.

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