Cats Crashing Nativity Scenes

Cats Crashing Nativity Scenes

The nativity scene is a Christmas decoration used to depict the birth of Jesus. This is a traditional Christian symbol and a beautiful sight to behold. There are nativity scenes displayed in churches and homes all over the world. Some nativities are made from model figures, while others are built using real people.

Cats have a knack for crashing nativity scenes. They love to take over and play a part in the story. And, the holiday season is a great time for them to do that. You can usually expect cats to knock over the manger or even trample over the baby Jesus. But in this case, it appears that the cat is trying to fit into the manger.

A woman named Annette Amendola has been putting up a nativity scene in her home for over 10 years. During the night of the Nativity, a cat slept in the manger. Now, the manger has become a gathering place for feral cats. Many cats will sleep on the straw and sometimes sit on the manger. Other cats have been known to sleep on cardboard boxes or even on keyboards!

It seems that cats are always looking for a warm place to sleep. The manger is one of their favorite places to relax. However, it has become a common place for cats to get into trouble. After all, they are notorious rascals!

Cats have also been spotted playing in full-size nativity scenes. In the picture above, Mary is watching as a cat struggles to fit in the manger. She is trying to place baby Jesus back in the manger. When the cat pushes the baby doll out of the manger, she attempts to bring him back in. Thankfully, a Sunday school teacher was on the scene and stepped in to break up the mess.

Other cats have also been spotted reenacting the story of the Nativity. These are known as living nativity scenes. Sometimes, these may be full-size nativities placed in front of churches. Another example is the manger figurines on a Christmas tree. Cats are renowned for getting into nooks and crannies, so it doesn’t surprise to see them in this setting.

Cats have also been found crashing other nativity scenes, including those made with tiny figurines. This is especially true of feral cats, who can be very affectionate. Several cats have even reenacted a manger scene from their own lives.

Sadly, it is rare to find a full-size nativity set that a cat doesn’t have a hand in. Cats have found many practical uses for nativity sets, and they will be hard to leave the scene alone. Although cats are known to be a little bit sloppy when it comes to taking care of their surroundings, they still contribute to the nativity scene. Whether it’s a full-size nativity scene or a small, human-sized manger, these animals are never satisfied with their role.

If you are planning to decorate your nativity scene with cats, be sure to pick out a stable that will accommodate them.

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