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Charles Barkley Vs Shaq on Inside the NBA

While many fans have been blown away by Shaq’s dominance as a basketball player, others aren’t so sure. After all, Charles Barkley also had his share of controversy during his time with the Boston Celtics. The two were once involved in a fight after Charles threw a ball at Shaq’s head in 1999. They reconnected and hugged each other afterward.

While the two men have been rivals for some time, this latest exchange is a rare opportunity for both players to shine. Barkley is no slouch when it comes to defending his throne, and his infamous “Shockwave” taunts are a defining feature of his game. Although Barkley’s taunts may seem like a friendly argument between two friends, the truth is that Shaq made many attempts to attack Barkley in the past. Bleacher Report actually compiled a list listing his many attacks against Barkley.

Shaquille O’Neal has even made comments about the Warriors’ Kevin Durant during an ESPN Instagram post. The two players have yet to respond publicly to Barkley’s remarks. Barkley called San Francisco “hell” and publicly rooted against the Golden State Warriors during the West finals. He has a strong preference that the Boston Celtics win the championship. They currently hold a three-game lead on the Miami Heat in Eastern Conference finals.

Charles Barkley and Shaquille O’Neal are both NBA legends. Their rivalry on television has resulted in several feuds, with both squabbling over a new player. They remained best friends in the end. So, who will win? The best way to find out is to watch their latest squabbles on Inside the NBA. So, what makes Shaq and Charles Barkley so enticing?

In the debate, Barkley and O’Neal are both clearly superior to each other in terms of stature and experience. However, their differences in personality and style make it difficult to judge the winner. The debate turned out to be a two-minute rant of personal claims, absurd assertions, and verbal barbs. Ultimately, neither side learned anything. Rather, it resembled two men having a heated argument at a sports bar.

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