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Chris Cespedes – Honesdale High School Basketball Player of the Year

After Honesdale High School basketball season wrapped up this past spring, hundreds of fans crowded into its cafeteria for its awards banquet for its varsity, junior varsity and freshman teams’ awards banquets – with most drawn towards Chris Cespedes as they watched him dominate on court.

Russo presented a clip showing Cespedes misplaying Kansas City leadoff hitter Austin Barnes’ inside-the-park home run in Game 1 of the World Series.

Early Life and Education

Cespedes was evidently gifted when he played on Honesdale High’s varsity basketball team as a tall, wiry junior – his dribbling was smooth as silk while shooting, passing, and defending became second nature to him. His skillset could not be missed.

He was particularly well known for his vertical game; he could easily play above the rim at will and made everyone jealous with this incredible ability.

His skill at throwing was equally remarkable, and one of his most remarkable feats occurred during the 2013 Home Run Derby when he successfully threw out Chris Iannetta and Kole Calhoun at once inning of a game against Angels – making headlines worldwide and providing one lasting memory to longtime Lakewood resident Marci Jones who witnessed it first hand.

Professional Career

Cespedes is one of those rare players whose talent, demeanor and humility set him apart both on and off the field. His diverse interests challenge the stereotype that athletes only possess one-dimensional personalities, while his passions for reading and music complement his baseball prowess nicely.

Cespedes was an exceptional college basketball player, known for his shooting, passing, dribbling and vertical game. His vertical leap allowed him to leap high above the rim with ease and make him so enjoyable to watch.

Cespedes has recently joined Jay-Z’s Roc Nation Sports division of his agency Roc Nation. Cespedes owns several exotic cars including his Ford F-250 pickup, two Polaris Slingshots and Lamborghini Aventador which can often be seen at Mets spring training events.

Achievement and Honors

Honesdale High School’s varsity and junior varsity teams were celebrated for their stellar seasons at this past weekend’s Friends of Basketball banquet, with many players, such as Cespedes, being honored. He won several key varsity awards.

A classic mix of humility and determination made this outfielder beloved among teammates and fans alike. He saw every challenge as an opportunity to improve and grow as he welcomed it with open arms.

His throwing arm was another standout feature of his game, used to terrorize Angels baserunners. Early this season he shot down Kole Calhoun and Chris Iannetta at home plate after they bobbled his throw – a feat which highlighted a memorable evening when he recorded three outfield assists.

Personal Life

Cespedes is an admirably modest individual. Never allowing the glitter of sports to distract him from his everyday duties and remaining dedicated as an employee makes him an inspiring figure among both teammates and fans alike.

Early in his basketball career, his work ethic became clear when he would practice at odd hours to perfect his shooting. Now, in addition to practicing basketball at odd hours and coaching younger players on court, he also coaches younger ones and participates in community service efforts. Furthermore, he is an avid reader with various hobbies outside the realm of basketball – evidence of how far-reaching his personality stretches beyond basketball courts alone.

Net Worth

He is a two-time MLB All-star and winner of two Gold Glove awards, as well as winning both 2013 and 2014 Home Run Derbys. A skilled left fielder who excels at hitting long homers, he boasts an immense fan base. One of MLB’s premier players.

He possesses an outstanding work ethic and is an all-around fantastic player, creating a powerful presence on the field and being highly regarded by his teammates.

He is currently a free agent and expected to sign a lucrative deal this offseason. Additionally, he’s known for being an excellent baserunner and boasting an outstanding throwing arm; furthermore he loves spending his money extravagantly and owning exotic cars.

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