Chris Daves

Chris Daves – An Estate Planning Attorney

Chris “Daddy” Dave had one thing going for him as an aspiring businessman: He was an inspiring figure for success – an ex-convict who had transformed himself.

Dave wasn’t exactly an ideal example. That is because his past led to serious legal troubles which would ultimately put him behind bars.

Early Life and Education

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Professional Career

Chris Daves is an Austin, Texas estate planning attorney dedicated to helping families prepare for major life events such as disability and death with confidence.

Christopher loves reading books and fly fishing in his free time; he also spends quality time with his family.

Chris began his professional career working as a yacht broker for Broward Marine in Palm Beach for ten years. It was here where he met Ken Denison who would later form Denison & Daves Yachting with him.

Chris found great interest in powerboats during his time working at Broward Marine, where he met Dave Gilman of Gilman Yachts on Royal Palm Way in Palm Beach.

Achievement and Honors

Dave has garnered many accolades for his achievements. One of these was receiving the Mercury Prize award for Psychodrama which was dedicated to both his mother and brother.

At the 2022 GRM Rated Awards, he earned four accolades including track of the year, video of the year and album of the year for his second studio album We’re All Alone in This Together.

Chris Dave is one of the world’s premier drummers and is highly sought-after as a result of his eclectic approach to playing drum set. He has played with several top music artists such as Adele, Maxwell and Kenny Garrett – in addition to being known for his virtuosic sticking technique and syncopated playing style.

Personal Life

Christopher Daves is an attorney practicing in Austin, Texas who has earned widespread renown as one of the premier practitioners in his field.

He’s also well-known on social media; his Instagram account features videos from performances and music videos as well as plenty of selfies.

Personal life for Tony includes family and close friendships. Elaine is his supportive wife who stands by him throughout his journey in life.

Philanthropically, he has made significant donations. Most recently he gave $10 million to the University of Alabama so they could build a new music center for students.

Net Worth

Chris Dave is best known as an accomplished drummer, bandleader and composer renowned for his contributions to countless high-profile albums as well as appearing in various movies and TV shows.

He is well-known on various social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook and Twitter where he shares details about his personal life with followers.

His net worth has been estimated at an estimated $2 Million according to sources, and the primary source of his income is from music performance and recording.

He lives with his wife and two children in Streatham, London.

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