Chris Evans Sweater Target

Is Chris Evans’ Knives Out Sweater Target?

The cream cable knit sweater that Chris Evans wears in his latest film, Knives Out, has been a viral fashion trend. It’s no wonder – the star’s performance as spoiled scion Ransom Drysdale in the acclaimed mystery thriller is impeccable. What’s more, his Aran sweater is one of the best in cinema, which is probably why the actor decided to make it a regular part of his wardrobe.

While Evan’s sweater was a no-brainer for a role that’s about as cold as a wintery Irish landscape, no one seems to have a clue where he got it from or why he chose it over more mundane alternatives. In fact, a rep at L.L. Bean, which makes its own line of Aran sweaters, told CNN it had a booming business and that the company’s sales of its own, 99-dollar, cotton dupe in the ivory hue were on the rise. However, the actor doesn’t wear the sweater anymore and has opted for something much cooler.

According to the actor, he got the sweater as a gift last Christmas and has worn it several times in the past. His Twitter account has even shared pictures of his dog wearing the same, much lauded adornment. And while the snazzy, Aran sweater is the star of the show, it’s not the only gizmo on the starboard. For a moment, a fan on social media had the idea of remaking the costume in honor of the movie’s release. But the thought was quickly squashed by a plethora of online commenters.

For a hefty buck, you can get the same svelte Aran sweater that Evan Evans wears in Knives Out from a high-end retailer like Saks Fifth Avenue. Or, you can get a dupe for under 99 bucks from L.L. Bean, which is selling an oatmeal-colored fisherman cable-knit sweater that fits true to size. Alternatively, if you’re in the market for a slightly more affordable option, you could try Amazon. They have an Essentials fisherman cable-knit sweater, which is made from 100% cotton and has a similar style.

There’s no guarantee that the aforementioned cable-knit sweater will be available when you need it, but the good news is that the Knives Out sweater has gone viral. According to costume designer Jenny Eagan, Evans’s sweater has been the most coveted item on the set since the premiere. She couldn’t recall if it was new or vintage, but the one that she did see had a few quirks. One of those quirks was that it was the largest sweater she’d ever seen. This might have been because the sweater was custom-made or because it was a rushed fitting. Regardless, it’s a gorgeous piece that’s worth the investment.

Of course, while it’s the sexiest piece of clothing you’ll ever see, Evans’s Aran sweater doesn’t come without its fair share of niggling flaws. One glaring flaw is the sleeve, which is so big that it looks as if it’s on the verge of tearing the knit. Another is the buttons, which are a tad on the long side. To top it all off, the sweater isn’t as warm as you’d expect from a high-end piece.

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