Chyna And Tv Shows

Blac Chyna and TV Shows

Blac Chyna, an American model, rose to fame after she was hired as a stunt double by Nicki Minaj. She later appeared in Kanye West’s music video “Monster”. Her popularity has continued to grow as she has been featured in many movies and television shows. In addition to her modeling career, Chyna has been a guest star on several talk shows, including E! News, The View, Love & Hip Hop, and The View.

Chyna’s TV show will be a chat show with Rob, featuring the couple chatting with guests. Despite their divorce, the couple will likely stay together on the show. Chyna has been accused of defamation, but the family did not have to pay damages. The reality show’s part-owner is Chyna. She is set to be a star, despite her controversial past.

TNA’s May 3rd 2011 tapings saw Chyna make her debut in the company. Mick Foley introduced her to Kurt Angle as his business associate. Chyna later became a member of the tag team “DX” with Kurt Angle. At the May 2011 event, Chyna eliminated Jeff Jarrett in a battle royal and submitted Karen Jarrett for the win in a mixed tag team match. She eventually left TNA following Sacrifice 2011.

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