Colleen Daniels

Colleen Daniels

Colleen Daniels has built an outstanding track record in Boston’s luxury high-rise condominium market. As an experienced broker, she is known for selling out Sepia & Siena Condominiums as well as 100 Shawmut.

Deluxe Bar of Norwell has been established since 2016, offering cosmetic injectables and spa grade skin care essentials. Owners Heather Vandervelt and Colleen Daniels of Deluxe Bar specialize in personalized service by offering private consultations as well as anti-ageing treatment plans.

Professional Career

Colleen Kinsey is an associate in Armstrong Teasdale’s Litigation Practice Group. As such, she advises clients on various disputes including medical malpractice claims, professional liability issues in healthcare environments as well as commercial/consumer fraud claims. Colleen is skilled at conducting depositions of parties and witnesses for discovery purposes, developing litigation strategy plans and conducting depositions prior to mediation proceedings or settlement agreements being reached with parties involved.

She has 25 years of experience working on HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, gender equality, human rights issues and harm reduction with civil society groups, donors, government agencies and UN organizations. Her focus has been to help create global leadership and momentum toward universal access to high-quality tuberculosis and HIV services.

Colleen is known for her outstanding Real Estate work as well as being a renowned Salsa dancer, teacher and performer. Her clear teaching methods and personal attention to each student has earned her great praise from those she works with.

Achievement and Honors

Colleen Daniels is an esteemed figure in the global fight against tuberculosis and human rights, known for her ability to foster leadership and drive progress toward universal access to high-quality tuberculosis and HIV services.

Daniels is also an expert in new construction sales and marketing. She has contributed her unparalleled vision to marquee developments in Boston and Chicago during their preconstruction processes; with strong negotiation abilities leading to record sales figures.

Daniels is a mother and wife who enjoys spending time with her family. Her hobbies include reading, working out and watching shows such as Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives and In the Kitchen with David. Additionally, Utah Jazz and Boston Celtics are her two favorite teams.

Personal Life

Colleen is licensed Realtor in both Massachusetts and Illinois, serving clients ranging from first-time homebuyers to multimillion-dollar developers. Her negotiating skills, targeted marketing strategies, and in-depth understanding of urban environments have allowed her to form lasting relationships.

YouTube personality Miranda Sings has recently been at the center of numerous online controversies. Most recently, an old video that appears to show her wearing facial paint that some believe resembles blackface has caused outrage among her viewers.

She leaves behind her mother, Annabelle Brem; three children: Alan Daniels of Random Lake, Sarah (Mark) Schuh of Plymouth and Katherine Daniels of Kiel; six grandchildren (Isabelle Daniels of Random Lake; Christopher Daniels and Emma Daniels from Plymouth; Tessah Schuh and Delaney Schuh from Plymouth), one sister – Sandy Kreitlow from Greendale – as well as Sadie the special little kitty whom will long remember for her amazing sense of humor and genuine enthusiasm in life. Sadie will always be remembered fondly by all who knew her – especially those privileged enough to experience first hand her hilarious sense of humor and genuine affection towards life itself. She will always be remembered fondly.

Net Worth

Income doesn’t reflect all your assets; net worth does. Your net worth represents all your possessions such as home, investments and jewelry – the higher it is, the more wealth has accumulated!

Colleen is a licensed real estate broker in both Massachusetts and Illinois, boasting exceptional negotiating skills and targeted marketing to achieve record-breaking sales figures.

She is well known for selling condos at Boston’s Sepia, Siena, and 100 Shawmut developments; as well as for preconstruction sales of homes.

She is a passionate traveler and animal rights activist, adopting veganism to prevent cruelty towards animals. In her spare time she enjoys painting, cooking and gardening – three hobbies which come together under one roof at Washougal, Washington where she currently resides with two daughters and one son – being active within their communities as an active member.

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