collegiate bridle

Collegiate Comfitec Training Bridle

No matter your level of experience or riding style, this Collegiate Comfitec Training Bridle can help your horse reach its maximum performance potential. With its anatomically shaped headpiece reducing pressure while encouraging natural head carriage.

From day one, this super soft bridle offers superior comfort. Featuring an anatomically shaped headpiece designed to distribute pressure evenly and a curved nose band to bypass all sensitive facial nerves for ultimate relaxation and support, this piece provides maximum softness from day one.

Early Life and Education

A collegiate bridle is an excellent choice for showjumping, horseracing and other disciplines that demand high levels of control. This style requires very subtle aids to achieve optimal performance – this style works best on horses that have been consistently trained to engage their reins with no breaks in contact between reins.

This bridle features intricate stitching across high quality European leather to keep the horse comfortable for extended periods while still allowing them to perform. An anatomically shaped headpiece distributes pressure evenly while double padding at poll area allows free movement of neck muscles. Nose band helps relieve pressure from upper jaw and molar teeth while cheek strap and padded cheek ring eliminate pressure on facial nerves.

Professional Career

Built for maximum comfort, this European leather bridle features stainless steel fittings to provide maximum resilience during training and competition sessions. Crafted to offer sleek looks with exceptional performance capabilities.

An anatomically designed head piece evenly distributes poll pressure with double padding and shaped padding around the ears for leading levels of comfort and freedom regardless of riding discipline. Furthermore, padded cheek rings and nose bands alleviate pressure from upper jaw teeth directly onto sensitive facial nerves to ensure maximum riding comfort and freedom.

A grackle bridle is a type of figure-8 noseband which crosses from one side of the face to the chin on the other, often used in eventing, showjumping and horse racing events. They come in various sizes to fit different horses perfectly as well as being highly customizable.

Achievement and Honors

The collegiate bridle is tailored to conform with the structure of a horse’s face for maximum comfort. Its anatomically-shaped crownpiece evenly distributes pressure while double padding in the poll area reduces discomfort while permitting free movement for neck muscles. Furthermore, its specially-shaped noseband bypasses sensitive main facial nerves to relieve pressure around jaw and molar teeth.

She has held multiple leadership roles within the Block and Bridle Club, such as officer of AQHA World Champion Collegiate Judging team member, Ferguson College of Agriculture Council representative, Totusek scholarship leader for animal science Totusek scholarship leader as well as President of Circle K International; an collegiate Kiwanis service club. Additionally she volunteered at numerous livestock clinics and contests locally.

At first, when she attempted to tack up Euros, he attempted to avoid his bridle by raising his head high and clamping his mouth shut. With several attempts of applying his bit however, Euros eventually became much softer and accepting of his new role as part of his daily life.

Personal Life

Collegiate bridles are designed with horses’ anatomy in mind to ensure maximum comfort for both rider and animal alike. Crafted with premium-grade European leather and featuring highly polished stainless steel fittings for ultimate luxury and style.

This bridle offers superior levels of comfort thanks to an anatomically-shaped head piece which distributes pressure evenly across the poll for added support and double padding over the crown to reduce pressure, as well as shaped padding around each horse ear to maximize freedom and comfort.

A grackle noseband, commonly used in showjumping and horseracing as it protects sensitive main facial nerves from irritation, is also featured. Suitable for all disciplines and easily maintained through wiping down with a clean cloth and using leather cleaner and conditioner, this bridle makes life easy!

Net Worth

Collegiate bridles are handcrafted using premium European leather and feature durable stainless steel hardware to provide optimal comfort for both rider and horse, enabling both to perform to their peak potential.

Vogue anatomic bridles feature an anatomically designed head piece, made with super soft padding for even distribution of pressure between ears. Their unique curved nose band was specially created to bypass sensitive main facial nerves for added protection for your horse.

A grackle bridle, also referred to as a figure 8 noseband, crosses from one cheek over to the chin on the opposite side of a horse’s face in an eight shape, creating an “X.” This style of noseband is commonly found in horse racing and showjumping events but may also be found used for other disciplines.

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