Colton Bie Fake Appendicitis

Colton B. Had Fake Appendicitis

Colton b. had fake appendicitis. Colton started vomiting in March and complained of abdominal pain. Burpos’ parents believed the illness was just stomach flu. His condition worsened, and Cassie was able to recover. His condition deteriorated as his family tried unsuccessfully to find the cause. Burpos’s family friend suggested that Colton might have appendicitis.

Todd and Sonja Burpo called family and friends to inquire about their son’s condition during the waiting period. They were waiting for a report from the hospital. They were both disappointed, and felt bad. Todd also felt guilty and believed Colton’s death was due to poor medical care. His doctors could not tell him the true cause of his son’s death.

After a few days of catching the stomach flu, Colton rushed to the hospital, where doctors diagnosed his condition as appendicitis. Despite the doctor’s diagnosis, the family had to wait another day. However, before Sonja and the kids left for Colorado, Colton got sick with the stomach flu. The family had to wait a few more days before they could leave.

Todd Burpo, Colton’s dad, shared his story in his book Heaven is for Real. Colton was only four years old when he became seriously ill. Doctors initially thought he would not survive. They prayed for him, and after a few days, he was able to recover completely. Todd Burpo wrote Heaven is for Real after the experience he had.

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