Columbia Mo Pole Dancing

Columbia MO Pole Dancing

A class at Muse Pole Fitness is a great place to learn pole dancing in Columbia. Muse’s classes begin with a warm up that includes tricks, transitions, and more. You can even wear your shirtless! Afterward, you’ll learn how to perform your routines to a variety of music. Some studios require you to wear a dress, shorts or a skirt. Others only allow you to wear sneakers or socks. You should also bring a yoga mat and towel for the class. Some Columbia MO pole dancing studios also offer classes in choreography.

Muse Pole Dance Studio has locations in Columbia, Minneapolis, and St. Paul. You can try one class for $30, or get an unlimited membership for $195 a month. There are many membership options available, including drop-in classes or workshops, if you’re not sure whether pole dancing is right for you. Some of these classes are geared toward beginners, while others are for those who are more advanced. Pole dancing is fun for everyone, regardless of their level of skill. You won’t regret it.

As the city’s pole dance scene continues to grow, Muse Pole Fitness provides training for all ages and levels. The studios offer professional, intermediate, and beginner dance classes. The school’s mission is to provide an affordable, dependable platform for you to develop your personality. Pole dancing involves the rhythmic movement of the body to music. You can release stress and ideas by performing in a space. It allows you to express your innermost feelings.

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