Costco Kirkland Hard Seltzer

Costco Kirkland Hard Seltzer

If you’re looking for a hard seltzer at a budget price, Kirkland Hard Seltzer is a great option. Each bottle contains five percent alcohol by volume, which is the same as a beer. The only difference between the two is that beer contains more calories and carbs. That said, Kirkland’s hard seltzer is still lower in calories than most other alcoholic beverages.

Costco Kirkland hard seltzers were originally discontinued for a while, but are now back in stores. They are produced by Patco Brands in Hood River, Oregon. This company also manufactures the Mystic Reef brand sold at Target. A 12-pack of Kirkland Hard Seltzer costs around $18. While it may not have the same quality as some major brands, it’s a good deal for a budget hard seltzer.

Kirkland Hard Seltzer is available in twelve and 24-packs at Costco. The cans have a five percent alcohol content, and each bottle contains 100 calories. It also contains two grams of sugar and carbohydrates. All of the flavors are gluten-free.

If you’re a fan of flavored seltzers, you’ll enjoy the four different flavors of Kirkland’s hard seltzers. There’s Lime Hard Seltzer, which has a zesty lime taste, and Black Cherry Hard Seltzer, which has sour black cherry notes. Both of these flavors fade with whipped cream.

For a limited time, Kirkland Hard Seltzer is also selling 24 can variety packs. These packs have the same four flavors as the Mystic Reef. So if you like the flavors of White Claw, you’ll likely be happy with the new Kirkland variety.

Unlike many other hard seltzers, Kirkland’s is a gluten-free product. Since alcohol is made from fermented cane sugar, the drink is free of the gluten found in wheat. However, some people are skeptical of this fact. As a result, you may find some Reddit posts with users expressing doubts about this product. Despite the negativity, some people on the Internet have been able to enjoy Kirkland’s products.

One of the most popular flavors is Kirkland Lime Hard Seltzer. You’ll get a foamy lime flavor with a cherry cheesecake peak. But that’s not all. At the end of the day, the flavors will blend together, resulting in a creamy cherry yogurt aftertaste.

Kirkland Hard Seltzer has received decent reviews. Most people who tried it thought the drink was refreshing and light. Some have commented that the taste is a little flat. Others have noted that they don’t have headaches after drinking it. Yet others have said they liked it because of the variety.

Costco has been known for its quality store brand products. With this in mind, it’s not surprising that the Kirkland Hard Seltzer is now on shelves. Although it’s not as tasty as the popular Mystic Reef or Truly hard seltzers, it’s better than the competition.

When you’re looking for a quality hard seltzer, it’s best to look for a brand that doesn’t contain distilled spirits. In addition to its low calorie and carbohydrate content, Kirkland’s seltzer is also gluten-free.

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