Crystal Daniels

Crystal Daniels

Crystal Daniels is part of an accomplished writing duo. Known for her whiskey sipping ways and her charming smile, she writes the Kings of Retribution MC Montana and Louisiana series.

Prosecutors allege that Facebook messages between Joseph Daniels and his wife as well as search history from his phone provide evidence for little Joe Clyde Daniels’ murder. Jury selection was scheduled to start this week.

Early Life and Education

Daniels lives with her daughter Kaiden in Madison, Tennessee and practices pediatrician. Her approach to care involves compassion, clear communication and evidence-based medicine.

Daniels recently completed her latest endeavor: Chrissy’s Magical Moment is a children’s book designed to promote self-esteem in young readers. Daniels collaborated with local author and Morgan County High School graduate Crystal Smith on writing the tale of a young girl embarking on an extraordinary adventure that officially launched at Madison Tennessee’s Chophouse Grill this past weekend.

Personal Life

Crystal Daniels is deeply committed to her family, with an emphasis on children. As a dedicated mother she strives to take good care of them while she pursues writing – her first book being Chrissy’s Magical Moment which seeks to uplift and inspire young readers.

Chrissy embarks on an extraordinary adventure with her family. Along the way, she discovers ways to find happiness within herself, overcome challenges, and believe in herself.

Author, Lauren DeWitt has published numerous MC romances. These include her Kings of Retribution Montana Series novels Undaunted, Darkest of Light, Finding Solace and Defy; as well as Louisiana Series novels Riggs and Wick. In addition, she wrote Lost King which can also be found here. Currently working on more novels!

Professional Career

Crystal has been practicing law at Hodgson Russ’ New York City office since 2008. Her expertise includes complex commercial transactions such as project development, public-private partnerships, real estate development and land acquisition. Crystal also specializes in site control documentation and crossing agreements negotiation as well as title curatives.

She harbors a disdainful view towards attractive people, believing they treat her poorly in her less-than-attractive body but treat her like royalty when switching into her attractive body. Furthermore, she possesses an impeccable fashion sense, often being seen wearing designer apparel.

Crystal can fight effectively thanks to her training under Jong Gun. She’s extremely powerful; even flipping Matt Kang during Hostel Branch.

Achievement and Honors

An engraved crystal block with your congratulatory message is an ideal way to recognize the achievements of your associates. They’ll proudly display it as evidence of their hard work and devotion.

Krystal Daniels entered a no-contest plea, meaning she did not admit guilt for charges of child abuse or neglect, conspiracy to commit child abuse, filing false reports and tampering with evidence. A judge sentenced her to 15 years imprisonment but will give credit for time served since her arrest last year.

Crystal Murillo, diversity program director for the Office of Admissions, and Steve Saavedra, executive director of Alliance Academy International were honored by DU Department of Management with alumni awards for leadership, achievement, and engagement.

Net Worth

Crystal Daniels is an Indie Author known for her heartwarming romance novels set against the backdrop of Montana and Louisiana law enforcement MC squads. As part of a formidable writing duo responsible for both series (Kings of Retribution Montana Series and Kings of Retribution Louisiana Series), she writes novels in both series with powerful love- and purpose-themed narratives.

She’s a whiskey sipping skinny-dipping girl with an irresistibly charming smile who knows exactly how to melt even the hardest hearts. Despite her prejudices and negative opinions of attractive people, she remains good-hearted; helping feed and provide for Enu and his clique during the Illegal Toto Arc was no small task for her!

Fashionably-inclined and boasting an impeccable sense of style, she was trained by Jong Gun in self-defence techniques that can defend against multiple attackers. Although she has yet to put these into action herself, her abilities stand up well under pressure.

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