Curtis Stone Pasta Maker

Curtis Stone Pasta Maker

The Curtis Stone Pasta Maker is an easy way to make delicious pasta noodles at home. You can create different shapes of pasta with the eight different discs. You can make delicious pasta noodles in just 15 minutes with the Automatic or Manual mode. The machine also comes with 15 different recipes. You can play with the different discs to find which one suits your needs best. The Curtis Stone Pasta Maker is highly recommended.

This machine comes in five different colors. It can produce over a pound of fresh pasta in just 14 minutes. The pasta maker includes eight discs, a flour bowl, and a water cup. The eight discs can be used to make different types of pasta. For your convenience, the Curtis Stone Pasta Maker comes with a pasta cutter. Moreover, the machine is made with sturdy materials and is dishwasher-friendly, so it’s easy to clean.

Although the Curtis Stone Pasta Maker is more expensive than hand-crank options it is well worth it. This device is designed to sit on your kitchen counter and create delicious homemade pasta. It’s important to act fast if you are interested in purchasing it. The machine sells out quickly. It is available at Williams Sonoma, which is why it’s worth the investment. This machine is a great choice if you are looking for a new pasta-making machine.

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