Cute Alligator

Cute Alligator Cookie Cutter

A cute alligator is always a good idea, especially if you are going to be making a themed dessert for someone’s birthday. The Cute Alligator Cookie cutter is a metal cookie cutter in the form of an alligator. This cutter is great for crafting as well as making cookies. It is made of durable metal and can be used for a variety fun crafts.

Alligators cannot be domesticated so do not try to pet them unless you are comfortable with their behavior. These reptiles are too large for safety and should not be handled or played with. If you are interested in petting an alligator, ensure that you choose a sanctuary or zoo that has the right facilities. There are even some games that you can play with your new pet.

American alligators are large crocodilians. They can grow up to 800 pounds and measure 13 feet in length. Native to the United States, alligators are native to Louisiana, Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, and South Carolina. They can be found in the same places as crocodiles so it is important to keep an eye out for them in your area. They are native to the south and can weigh between one and two tons.

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