Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader Lacey

Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader

Interested in becoming a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader? If so, there are a few things you can do to get on the team. First, you need to audition. You must have excellent rhythm and adaptability. The audition process consists of three rounds, the first of which is preliminaries, where the bulk of applicants show up. The second round consists of a freestyle dance, during which contestants are divided into groups of five and introduce themselves to the judges. The DJ will give them 90 seconds to perform their routine.

After graduating from high school, Lacey attended the Dallas Cowboys cheerleading camp, where she was one of only nine new recruits. She had her auditions, and got selected. She began to bond with her teammates after training and has been a member of the team for five seasons. Though her high school training and experience prepared her for the role of a cheerleader, she credits her high school education for helping her achieve her dreams of becoming a professional cheerleader.

Lacey participates in cheerleading practices every weeknight. On weekends, she also takes part in games. The workload can be grueling, but she looks at each appearance as an opportunity to bring joy to the people around her. Follow her progress if you are interested in becoming a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader!

Besides training at the DCC, Lacey also has her own YouTube channel. She has been a cheerleader for five seasons, and she has a passion for Dallas Cowboys cheerleading. The team’s members have to be upbeat and full of energy, and the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders don’t mind some criticism. These women are Cowboys Nation’s favorite cheerleaders.

Cynde Lewis, a high school cheerleader and aspiring cheerleader for the Dallas Cowboys cheerleading team, was plucky before she joined. After the Cowboys placed an advertisement on KVIL radio station, Cynde Lewis was hired. There were more than 250 applicants. She was chosen to represent the team in appearances and promotions. Cynde Lewis remembers the day she was swept up by Danny White and had her picture taken while her teammate was still playing the game.

Although the audition process is different from previous years, the show remains a popular television show. You must be at least 18 to become a Dallas Cowboy cheerleader during preliminaries. Having a high school diploma or GED is also required, as well as the ability to attend all rehearsals. There are no weight or height requirements, unlike other cheerleading jobs.

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